Israel and Forced Birth Control

An article this week from The Independent says that Israel has reportedly admitted to administering birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent.

Uh, what? Seriously?

I think it’s a bit early to fully confirm the validity of this story. But if it turns out to be true, this is truly sickening and is an eery reminder of the eugenics that European Jews were once subject to. For any country (let alone one dedicated to the protection of the Jewish people) to systematically reduce the birth rate of an ethnicity is shocking in today’s day and age.

The report states that approximately 100,000 Ethiopian Jews have come to Israel since 1980, but that their “Jewishness” is questioned by some rabbis. Birth rates in this community have fallen dramatically, and apparently it is because these women were forced or coerced into take the Depo-Provera drug.

I bring this all up simply because it is not getting enough media attention. I am in full support of the Israeli state, but it, like every other country, should not go without critique. And if this story turns out to be completely accurate, there is more to critique about Israel than I originally thought.


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