Racism And Internet Comments

Yesterday I read this article on the Toronto Sun. Now, the story is pretty infuriating in and of itself. It’s about a 15-year old Chinese tourist that defaced an Egyptian relic.

But in addition to the story, what also struck me was the comments section. Now, I don’t usually read the Sun, so maybe this is commonplace. Heck, it’s the Internet. I’m pretty sure this is standard operating procedure. But still, I was shocked by some of these blatantly racist comments, many of which were the top-rated comments of the story.

Picture 1 Picture 8 Picture 4 Picture 3 Picture 9 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7Anonymity breeds courage. It’s just too bad that the Internet is full of the all the wrong kinds of courage. Commenting on news stories was supposed to be a great experiment in true democracy, but I think we can admit that the experiment has been somewhat of a failure. Internet anonymity is the last refuge of backward ideologies, forcing the rational to collectively facepalm at the state of today’s human progress.


3 thoughts on “Racism And Internet Comments

  1. Even when it’s not anonymous it’s crazy what people write. More and more websites are using Facebook for comments and it’s still not stopping racist comments.

  2. Yeah, the comments section of almost any internet page is a scary place…I think YouTube tops it all :S (but this site isn’t so bad 😉

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